My name if Rhona and I am a makeup addict! In the past as a darker skin toned girl, I never used to love or even like makeup. The foundations felt too heavy on my face. The colors were never right.

As a woman of darker skin tone, finding makeup that looked pretty on my face was damn near impossible. Then the start of, what I call the makeup revolution started, and things have been amazing since then. With the explosion of social media, companies have finally woken up and recognized that they were not catering to a huge dynamic of women who also needed to catered to when it came to makeup.

Now, being of darker skin tone is almost a non-issue (still there are barriers and some companies have yet to come around but it has come a long way) and people like me can enjoy makeup with abandon.

If you are  a makeup lover. Are darker skin pigmented. Love drug-store makeup brands. Adore high-end makeup brands. Then, you are at the right place. Come join me and let's makeup together!


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